Initially, the name “Blaxploitation” was used to undermine the efforts of filmmakers like Melvin Van Peebles. Criticisms from organizations like the NAACP focused on the genre’s fascination with glorifying criminality (completely ignoring the irony that real life Blackness was/remains a criminal offense in of itself). Van Peeble’s perspective, however, was that Blaxploitation proved there was a Black audience outside of slave films — that Black filmgoer dollars could impact Hollywood — that Black filmmakers had a craft and they were capable of honing it.

Sadly, Hollywood seems to forget this lesson every decade until an unbothered Black filmmaker like the…

Top 5 by Rob Williams

Interview by Troy-Jeffrey Allen

While the very mention of lawman Judge Dredd is enough to strike fear into the hearts of criminals, it’s Chief Judge Barbara Hershey and her gavel that has been the higher authority of Mega-City One.

For those unfamiliar, Hershey has been a favorite of 2000 AD fans for years. Now, she’s back from the dead (more on that later) and feels no need to take any prisoners! …

Art by Julius Abrera

Interview by Troy-Jeffrey Allen

Full disclosure here. This week’s GET GRAPHIC features an artist I’m currently working with. So my bias is at 100%. That said, I’m usually somewhat biased towards ANY artist I’ve featured here. Because I only zero in on those whose work I dig.

But enough about me, let’s talk about the mean, lean, Philippine dream, a.k.a. artist Julius Abrera! Outside of being the artist behind the world’s greatest comic, Fight of the Century, he is a mainstay at publisher Zenescope, working on everything from Van Hellsing to Robyn Hood. He’s also the…

Interview by Troy-Jeffrey Allen

What do you get when you take shonen, superheroes, and Final Fantasy? And then season it with a heaping helping of “family?” You get PAX SAMSON, Jason Reeves and Rashad Doucet’s super-powered trilogy…with an appetite!

In the following interview, Rashad and Jason invite you to the cookout (mind your manners, though!), and share with us what exactly is in this fantasy-filled secret sauce.

While filmmaker B. John Holmes (no relation to the porn star) was toiling away on our unofficial MF DOOM music video, I was busy on an official Public Enemy project. It’s called…

APOCALYPSE ’91: REVOLUTION NEVER SLEEPS. It’s from Z2 Comics and is curated by the legendary Chuck D himself. You’ve heard of Afrofuturism? Well, this is its hard-hitting post-apocalyptic cousin! This anthology is an anniversary celebration of Public Enemy’s Apocalypse ’91 album, and features Evan Narcisse (Spider-Man: Miles Morales), Regine Sawyer (Dark Nights: Death Metal), Che Grayson (Batman: Urban Legends), Mike Del Mundo (Thor), Butch Mapa (Star Wars), Marco…

Art by Mikel Navarro

Interview by Troy-Jeffrey Allen

Hailing from Madrid, graphic designer and art director Mikel Navarro found a way to make an impact on “cultura pop” that is unique. A fan of the art deco era, Mikel has been taking to social media and remixing contemporary comic book covers and logos in the deco style. The end result is mesmerizing and eye-catching. If you ever wondered what Saul Bass’ art would look like on an Image, DC, or Marvel comic then see for yourself…

Top 5 by Henry Barajas

Interview by Troy-Jeffrey Allen

Originally launched on Kickstarter, Helm Graycastle (FEB210027) is actively making the jump to comic shops, courtesy of Image Comics and Top Cow. If you’re a fan of RPGs in general then this particular series offers an undeniably unique spin. To be specific, Helm Greycastle uses aspects of Meso-American culture to build a Latinx fantasy that readers can become immersed in.

Helm Graycastle’s co-creator, Henry Barajas, is at the (ahem) helm. And while the inspiration for this series is very much part of his cultural identity, he’s was definitely a well-rounded nerd…

Art by Dylan Speeg

Interview by Troy-Jeffrey Allen

This week’s Get Graphic focuses on Cincinnati painter, illustrator, and musician Dylan Speeg. Dylan is the artist behind MeSsed, a truly unique story that falls somewhere between supernatural horror and speculative fiction. Taking place in and around the ten thousand miles of pipeline underneath a city, the comic book focuses on the wastewater workers of the Metropolitan Sewer District (or the “M.S.D.”). Waste workers like Lilliput, our tour guide to a “weird, wet and wild world.”

In the following spotlight, Dylan Speeg tells us how he ended up on this project with…

Interview by Troy-Jeffrey Allen

In the year 2056, robots have replaced human beings in the workforce. Naturally, that has caused quite a bit of friction between humans and automatons. Oh, and then it gets worse…

In the following interview, Mark Russell (Flintstones, Fantastic Four: Life Story) talks about NOT ALL ROBOTS, his new series with artist Mike Deodato (The Amazing Spider-Man, The Resistance)! Hitting comic shops today from AWA studios, the new series asks the question: can humans and robots co-exist? Or are we all destined for conflict? Answer carefully. Your smartphone is listening…

Troy-Jeffrey Allen

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