Modeling by Camille Richardson

Photography by Joe Carabeo

Interview by Troy-Jeffrey Allen

This week’s “Get Graphic” falls on the week of release for Marvel’s Black Widow, the MCU’s long-anticipated espionage thriller featuring Scarlet Johansson in the title role. If you’ve been waiting and waiting to finally discover the cinematic story…

Art by Jeik Dion

Interview by Troy-Jeffrey Allen

Turbo Kid: Apple’s Lost Adventure isn’t Jeik Dion’s first comic, but it is a return to these characters after his extensive storyboard work on the Turbo Kid movie. Coming full circle, Jeik finds himself reunited with the post-apocalyptic, BMX ride that he…

Art by Atilio Rojo

Interview by Troy-Jeffrey Allen

Retribution, vengeance, destiny, sacrifice…and a cache of cursed gold. This is the story of St. Mercy (JUN210074) from Top Cow and Image Comics!

Debuting this past August, St. Mercy explores Incan culture amid American aggression. When cursed Incan gold is stolen by…

Art by Etubi Onucheyo

Interview by Troy-Jeffrey Allen

Dedicated to spotlighting African-inspired stories, YouNeek Studios is the home of characters such as Malika, E.X.O., Iyanu: Child Wonder, and more. This ever-expanding multi-media publisher is now bringing its impressive library of characters to Dark Horse Comics.

Throughout the month of September…

Interview by Troy-Jeffrey Allen

She’s stoned. She’s selfish. She’s all that stands between us and the end of the world. Loud and proud Kat is the most unlikely of heroes, but her newfound ability to communicate with ghosts has put her in the middle of a spiritual battle between good…

Just a quick moment to acknowledge the drive, intent, and legacy of Melvin Van Peebles. The creator of the Blaxploitation genre and one of cinema’s most influential pioneers.

Initially, the term “Blaxploitation” was used to undermine the efforts of filmmakers like Melvin Van Peebles. Frequent criticisms from thought leaders and…

Top 5 by Rob Williams

Interview by Troy-Jeffrey Allen

While the very mention of lawman Judge Dredd is enough to strike fear into the hearts of criminals, it’s Chief Judge Barbara Hershey and her gavel that has been the higher authority of Mega-City One.

For those unfamiliar, Hershey has been…

Art by Julius Abrera

Interview by Troy-Jeffrey Allen

Full disclosure here. This week’s GET GRAPHIC features an artist I’m currently working with. So my bias is at 100%. That said, I’m usually somewhat biased towards ANY artist I’ve featured here. …

Interview by Troy-Jeffrey Allen

What do you get when you take shonen, superheroes, and Final Fantasy? And then season it with a heaping helping of “family?” You get PAX SAMSON, Jason Reeves and Rashad Doucet’s super-powered trilogy…with an appetite!

In the following interview, Rashad and Jason invite you to the…

Troy-Jeffrey Allen

Producer | Writer

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