Get Graphic: Metalwork with Astrobots’ Hector Trunnec

Troy-Jeffrey Allen
3 min readAug 16, 2023

Interview by Troy-Jeffrey Allen

For this week’s Get Graphic, PREVIEWSworld reintroduces you to Astrobots, Massive Publishing’s all-new Mecha Masterwork from Transformers architect Simon Furman (Death’s Head) and artist Hector Trunnec (Heavy Metal)! (Of course, it is based on a toyline!)

In the following interview, Trunnec explains why mechanized metal is in his blood. Keep reading…

Firstly, who are you and where do hail from?

I’m Hector Romero, or my pseudonym, “Trunnec.” I’m a comic book artist from Spain.

How did you get into comic books as a fan?

The first comic I read when I was a child was Dragon Ball. My grandfather gave me some money to spend exclusively on comic books, and I chose that one. I was 7 years old. [I’ve been drawing comics since then]. After that, probably Akira influenced me the most to take [comic-making] seriously.

How did you get into art as a professional?

After doing lots of comics self-taught, I studied Fine Arts here in Spain. I have to admit that I learned nothing about comics there, but I learned other things which I probably will never use again [Laughs]. After finishing my studies, I decided to dedicate myself 100% to drawing comics, but before that, I had to do portraits, illustrations, and book covers. Then I started drawing indie comics.

What tools do you use to draw?

I use an Ipad, watercolors, and a Cintiq. Sometimes my work is traditional, with watercolors. That’s always for covers or illustrations. For comic pages, I combine both worlds: digital and traditional.

What’s next for you?

I just started another comic book. Again, a comic with lots of mechs, but this time with human pilots.

You can follow more of Hector’s work on Twitter and Instagram.

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