MF DOOM: ALL CAPS is now live! Free to Read!

In the wake of his passing last October, the true-life story of MF DOOM (real name: Daniel Dumile) has been the topic of many articles online. However, Dumile was a notoriously private person, and his MF DOOM persona underlined his need to separate the man and the myth. The six-page comic titled “ALL CAPS” intends to simultaneously honor the man behind the mask, as well as the mask itself, by emphasizing his message: modern hip hop has become too obsessed with the superficial and is not focused enough on the sound. Writer Troy-Jeffrey Allen and artist Smack! (Sean Anthony Mack) utilize the visual tool of comics, a medium that influenced the DOOM persona, to take the reader on a visual journey that recreates the sonic experience of an MF DOOM album.

Written by Troy-Jeffrey Allen
Art by Sean Anthony Mack
Colors by Luis Guerrero
Letters by AndWorld Design
Cover by Matt Rawson
Edited by Maia Crown Williams and Sy Shackleford



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