Under the Hood of ‘Chariot’: The Art of Priscilla Petraites

Troy-Jeffrey Allen
3 min readAug 12, 2021


Art by Priscilla Petraites

Interview by Troy-Jeffrey Allen

Released by AWA Studios, Chariot is an action comic that proudly declares itself as “Knight Rider meetsThe Matrix” However, the thing that stands out the most about the title is that…it’s a vibe. Specifically, an ’80s vibe. Complete with teased hair, Day-Glo colors, synthwave cool, and an aerodynamic BMW 850ci!

At the wheel of this death race is writer Bryan Edward Hill (Killmonger, Postal), an admitted gearhead and product of the 1980s. But Hill’s desired aesthetic needed an artist who could bring that decade’s art deco back to life. And that’s where the art of Priscilla Petraites excels…

Below, discover more about Chariot from Priscila herself. Then be sure to pick up your copy from your local comic shop TODAY.

I included references that were personal to me — 80s movies, music, art, manga, and anime. For this book, I took those inspirations and created a new vibe. CHARIOT is not set in the 80s, so I wanted to modernize. I’m a child of this decade, so I can get trapped in nostalgia. I’m very much living in 2021 with an 80s spirit.”- Priscilla Petraites

Jim [, the main character,] is dragged into this crazy ride that ends up becoming his own personal race, too.”- Priscilla Petraites

Bryan has a bit of a history with BMW 850ci. So, I’d use it as a reference for the chariot. I just added some details and reshaped the proportions a little to make it an even cooler looking car.” - Priscilla Petraites

CHARIOT is really Bryan’s brainchild. He included personal references just as he did for our hero Jim, but he put me and [colorist Marco Lesko] behind the art wheel and let us have fun!” - Priscilla Petraites

Readers are going to be dragged into an action-packed story with a lot of drama. There are some beautiful, sexy, and powerful moments. It’s a nice car ride with some huge bumps.” -Priscilla Petraites

Chariot arrives is available now from AWA Studios. For more of Priscilla’s work, be sure to follow her on Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr.

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Troy-Jeffrey Allen